Is Music more Important to us Baby Boomers?

Image courtesy of NME
Image courtesy of NME

I have just read a great post from Graeme at who like myself writes a blog about what he feels are the important things in his life. After his Family, his career It seems coincidental that both have an interest in music and he shared one of his favourites from the seventies.

Whats more interesting he can remember what he was doing at the time he was listening to the track! I do that to and I find it amazing that when I hear a track from my past I can remember what I was doing at the time within the first few bars of the song.

I suppose that is because music was the voice of youth in the seventies, something that belonged to the young and the fact it annoyed my parents made it even more attractive.

With the advent of mobile phones, the internet and digital downloads could it be that the excitement of discovering new music by word of mouth or by reading the New Musical Express has been somewhat diminished.

I am not saying that the music produced today is any less brilliant, it’s just I don’t see people discussing it like we used to and I definitely don’t see people walking down the street with an LP under their arm (unless you count the guy I saw at a Caravan concert last year).

So here is my question to you, what music was playing when the most important thing in your life happened?

You tell me yours and I will tell you mine.

If you want to see what track Graham shared in his post go to