I have officially reached my mid life crisis

Image courtesy of station-station.com
Image courtesy of station-station.com

Well, this week I  think I have officially reached my mid life crisis. I am asking standup Comedians for advice.

I have friends a lot younger and funnier than I am who are brave enough on any given night to stand in that lonely place in a spot light and bare their souls in a hope that the audience find them funny.

Now if you are like me and lived your life in the shadows, thats a term I use for people who are less than comfortable in the spotlight but love to be around people who shine in that area, I have today had this random thought that maybe just maybe I could do this.

Now every normal person out there reading this will think why would anyone want to do this. My thoughts after what has to be said a few beers on a Friday night is that I want to make my heart beat a little faster and take myself out of my comfort zone.

Now I know this sounds like I have taken leave of what little senses but I do this every day of my working life. I am a lecturer and a producer, I have to educate, persuade and entertain classrooms full of students and clients alike.

So the optimist in me thinks rationally and I can box off the younger end however I think the folks I would struggle with the most are the bright young thirty somethings who will not have a clue what I am on about.

I meet these guys on a regular basis and when we have polite conversation (which usually means I roll my eyes at least once because of the naivety of some of these people) and they may feel as though I am criticising there achievements which I am not, I admire them for even trying in a world that is very critical of anyone who sticks there heads above the parapet.

So in this year that I am thinking of looking forward rather than backwards I need to start working on my material. So before the year is out I have set myself the challenge of having a go, even if I am rubbish at least I will have made my heart beat a little faster and you never know I might even be good at it.

As someone once said life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

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