Karma will always get you back!


I hope you guys feel like me. I blinked and my life went from Christmas to Easter in about a second!  I know from what my dad told me that the older you get the quicker life passes you by but I didn’t think it would be this quick.

I have turned into what I perceived as a geeky spectacled young dude into a plump balding old guy in the blink of an eye.

So how can we overcome this obvious trick of getting older. The only advice I can give you is treat every day like it’s your last and never ever put off doing what your heart desires.

Most sixty odd year old guys only have three things on their mind. If you are lucky it’s family, guitars and cars. If they are unlucky it is young nubile females who’s running costs far out weigh the benefits.

So here I am sat here after my usual night in the Happy Beaver thanking my lucky stars that I am here and worried enough about my reputation not to have done anything socialy unacceptable.

Lady Ann is being very patient with me at the moment because of my current interest in becoming a local councillor (which can I say has involved far more effort than I had imagined).

I decided on this course of action because someone once said that if you want to make a difference you have to put up or shut up. So rather than shouting from the sidelines I think you have to stand up and be counted and in this ever changing political landscape that is far more difficult to achieve than you think.

It’s the things like what do you stand for or which party has the most policies you agree with that causes me the most trouble.

This has caused me huge headaches but you have to go with the one that matches your personal values and the things that will make a difference to people who need help.

What I want is to stand for is for all people, the hard working individuals who are the backbone of this great country and those less fortunate who need a helping hand.

Now that is not a radical comment, I do not care if you are white, green or yellow. Christian or Muslim, it is about how you integrate into our communities that is important.

I treat people with respect and I in turn expect to be treated similarly. I want to help people to help themselves but not to the detriment of the people on the fringe of society who need our help to just exist.

That is the failing of our current government, they show little or no compassion or understanding of what its like to exist on the breadline with little hope of improving your lot in life.

So to all our MP’s and councillors I have this message.

DO NOT overlook the young, the sick, the elderly or the vulnerable because one day you may just be in the position of needing help yourself.

Show some compassion and give these people the respect they deserve because not everyone in society has had the opportunities that have been afforded to you.

Remember the God of Karma gives you back what you give to those who need help. The God of Karma also always pays back with equal measure any misdemeanours.

So be good or else!

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