The Secret of Managing Chaos

Perron Lighthouse Angelsey
Perron Lighthouse Angelsey
I have a thing about lighthouses, I don’t know why but I am drawn to them whenever I am at the coast. I took this photograph of Penron Lighthouse whilst on Anglesey in Wales a couple of years ago whilst on a short break.

It was a glorious summers day and after the hustle and bustle of everyday life the couple of hours we spent there were heavenly.

All you could hear was the lapping of the waves on the shore and a distant bell tolling somewhere out to sea. Every so often the scene would change with the passing of yachts gracefully gliding silently by.

We sat on a grassy bank just above the rocky shoreline and ate our lunch whilst soaking up the sun. It was so hot you could almost hear the hissing of the grass.  Now to someone with my hairline that can be quite a scary proposition but I have discovered that wearing a straw hat does have its uses. For those who may be interested I think it was the fresh Salmon and Cucumber sandwiches that I remember the most.

I often think of that visit when I am busy in a dark studio rammed hard against a deadline whilst trying to remain calm trying to get the best from the crew to deliver on time and on budget.

My wife calls this my “Be a Swan behaviour” (calm on the surface whilst paddling furiously out of sight) and apparently I am quite good at it.

So the secret of my laid back directing style can be attributed to an afternoon visit to Llangoed on the Isle of Anglesey in the UK eating Salmon and Cucumber sandwiches..

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