How Do You Get Taken Off Santa’s Naughty List?


This is the first posting of the new year so I suppose I had better start as I mean to go on. I always think that New Year is a time to stop looking back at the past and look forward to what is possible. Looking back should be done in that blurry time between Christmas and New Year.

Looking at what I want to achieve in the New year begins once the hangover starts to wane on new years day.

Now this will come as a shock to people who know me I know but I do try to set out some simple goals to strive for but the more the years go by and the faster the pace of change happens the harder it is to try to set yourself a target.

Now looking back can be a dangerous activity. Just how many of us think now and again ‘if I could change that decision I made’. I call these ‘What If’ moments.

The problem with these moments is that you cannot change them (unless someone has invented time travel over the Christmas period) and they can drive a grown person to distraction. These moments colour you decision making and can sap your confidence.

Just remember back to when you were a teenager, anything was possible, the world seemed to be a huge playground with all sorts of activities you wouldn’t even give a second thought about before trying out. Although drinking five pints of Bitter, half a bottle of Port some Southern Comfort when I was eighteen has left a deep scar, if I even catch the smell of Southern Comfort at twenty paces it still induces me retch uncontrollably.

So over the years we gain experience that tells you that not everything is possible and we can overcompensate. This is not to say that you shouldn’t learn from your experiences however your experiences shouldn’t limit what you think is possible.

I cannot say I wasn’t disappointed when I looked out on Christmas morning and discovered that my new f type Jaguar was not sat outside my front door (Santa must still have me on his naughty list).

Now I could be bitter, but no, I think that anything in life is possible and given the right circumstances and a fair amount of luck you never know what can happen.

So this year I just need to take advantage of the opportunities that are offered to me, work hard and make enough money so that I could in a moment of temporary insanity actually buy one.

So all that remains for me to say is that I hope you all have a great 2013 and just maybe if you see someone in a White F Type Jaguar it could be me who has finally been taken off Santa’s naughty list, alternatively been paid what I think I am worth or I have won the Lottery.

So all thats left for me to say is dare to dream and you never know it could happen in the new year!

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