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This is a rather spooky coincidence. Last night I sat down after a particularly busy day with a cup of tea (I know but I am English) in my armchair and put my favourite playlist on Spotify and sat and listened to some of my favourite songs.

One of the songs that I was listening to was She’s Leaving Home by the Beatles and it prompted me to write my last post about just how good that song is.

When I woke this morning I learned that Sir George Martin, the producer of that particular song had died aged 90. Now I know it’s always tragic when someone dies particularly for the family and my thoughts are with them today. But as we English say he had a great innings (Cricket analogies always work with my generation).

Now George was known to many in the music industry as Gentleman George for the obvious reason he was a gentle decent human being who just happened to be an immensely talented individual.

His legacy will be celebrated for years to come. His work with the Beatles is an inspiration for anyone who aspires to be a producer. How he managed to create some of the worlds most beautiful music with four of the world’s greatest anarchist’s, The Beatles is the stuff of legend.

He did it by listening rather than talking, suggesting rather than ordering and the results are laid out for all the world to enjoy. What better way to leave this world, leaving a legacy of beauty rather than a trail of death and destruction.

So thank you Sir George Martin for leaving the world a more beautiful place and rest in peace, I will raise a glass to you tonight whilst listening to some of your magical work.

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