Redemption has Arrived

You may remember two or three months ago I said that I had been working on a project with the living dead. Well eventually after a great deal of editing and polishing here is the film in all it glory.

The film is a culmination of months of planning and hard work, which a team of thirty three Students and Industry professionals carried out during a two month period this summer.

Now many people who watch this epic with think its just another student film, but I can assure you that its not the finished film that makes this project amazing. Its the fact that a group of students given the right amount of support can achieve great things. Not only to arrange the locations, costumes and actors but also up to that point the only two sunny days we had witnessed up to that point in the year.

It is also testament to Oldham Councils Parks Department who were trusting enough to let us loose in Alexandra Park which is arguably the best location for a film I have ever worked in. Not to mension the Staff at the Boathouse Cafe for the endless cups of Coffee that kept everyone going.

So thats another year of grey hair making production over with, and I enjoyed every minute of it. So all that remains for me to say it thanks to those really nice people at Baker Media in particular Andrew Corrie, Ben Mann the Director for making two days filming with a rookie crew seem easy (which it wasn’t), to Fatima for allowing us to trample all over her story with the calm and grace that most professional writers could learn from and finally to the student crew who make every day an adventure, which makes it all worthwhile.

So after months of waiting it is here, ‘Redemption’. This years film by Oldham College Media Students which by any measure is a great effort.

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