Today has been a Fantastic day


As everyone who knows me I am a sixty one year old grumpy bloke who has been around the clock (please excuse the metaphor), but today has been a good day, correction, a fantastic day.

I have watched young people who have sweat blood sweat and tears for three or more years come together along with the rest of the college to celebrate achievement at their graduation ceremony.

These students have no idea what they have achieved. They have the grace and temerity to reluctantly stand on a stage and be recognised for the hard work and sacrifice they have made to make  a difference to there lives.

It’s not only the recipients that deserve the accolades, it’s the families, partners and various support people who have endured tantrums and the demands that comes with living with someone who is on a degree course.

Its days like this that make me think I do have the best job in the world. Every year I get to interview these bright young people who have the world at their feet and do not realise just how talented and gifted they are.

The one thing that comes out more than anything else is the wide eyed incredulity that is etched on the faces of these hard working individuals when they are given a handshake and a certificate that makes this type of event very special.

This expression of delight is only surpassed  by the immense pride from Mums, Dads, Grandparents and siblings. This is the stuff that life is about, seeing your loved ones achieve, cheering and sharing in success. Now this type of success does not come from buying a lottery ticket, it comes from hard work and sacrifice, and families recognise this.

I will admit today I had a tear in my eye because many of these individuals who have achieved have made huge sacrifices and overcome hurdles that would have made many people in similar circumstances give up before they had started. But in spite of these hurdles have achieved great things.

Perhaps the only greater feeling is as a member of the teaching staff involved is the gratification of watching the precious cargo  be successful.

So to everyone who turned up and gained recognition, I salute you. to the families who supported you and cheered enthusiastically, I salute you. but more than anything else thank you all for letting me be a part of one of the best days of your life.

All that remains to be said is that use your qualifications and experience to help the world become a better place and more importantly thank you for a great day.

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