Watching Bricks and Meeting People


Its been a busy old week.Myself and fellow grumpy bloke Carl Palmer have been out into darkest Oldhamshire and rediscovered why we became media types in the first place. 

After a very strange photo shoot with Kenny Brown our lunatic Scottish photographer we decided to go on a rece for our latest project of helping tenants help promote the estate were they live.

What we all agreed on was what we like about our job is meeting total strangers and listening to great stories of everyday life often told in a way that only people from the north can, with a large dollop of self deprecation. 

We met one lady this week who told us of a young girl who she knew who last summer had met a young man at a soccer school and they had spent the past year texting each other at every opportunity. So being the romantic individual that she obviously was she decided to play cupid.

She made arrangements for a friend of hers to bring the callow young footballer to meet the young lady so they could get to know each other. So arrangements were made and they duly met one lunchtime under the watchful eye of cupid and her friend. What happened next puzzled them both.

They both sat for three quarters of an hour and never spoke to each other. So after what the matchmakers thought had been a fruitless exercise they went there separate ways. 

Later that afternoon the young girl was busy texting again so cupid asked who she was texting, the reply came back “I was just letting him know I had a great time and we should do it again some time”. So the texting continues, a pity they don’t know how to communicate face to face, but then again it could just be a sign of the times.

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