Holiday time at Last. Santorini here we come!


Oia 03


Its that time of year folks when most people I know come to the end of the working year and head off on the annual vacation. For most people who are not used to school and college terms this may seem a little strange. Normal people reflect on the year gone by around News Year time, so I feel lucky I have a practice in July.

This year has been busy and I am not complaining, it means I will get paid fairly regularly and that always keeps my wife happy and contented. Whilst I am writing this she is busy tidying the house before we go away tomorrow.

For the life of me I cannot get my head around the fact that she embarks on this ritual every time we go on holiday and to me as a man it makes no sense whatsoever. In my mind the only person who would benefit is if we got burgled whilst away and it would make everything a lot easier to find.

On top of that she re irons all the clothes that have already been ironed by the little lady who does and that have been hanging in the wardrobe for the past couple of weeks, because they get creased being hung up!  So when I asked “that won’t happen when we cram them in a case then”!  The reply I got shocked me to the core. I won’t write the reply to that observation because it may be offensive to some of you more genteel folk.

So I can’t wait to start our journey to paradise, the constant queuing at the Airport, crammed onto a four hour flight with several crying babies and the odd drunk who over indulged at the airport lounge just so I can sit overlooking the Aegean Sea under an umbrella smeared in factor 50.

So thats all my grumpiness out of the way because for the next 7 days I will be a swan, smile a lot and be nice to people who will be in a similar position to me. I know I am luckier than most to be able to go on holiday but if I didn’t moan about something the people who know me would think I was ill or having a breakdown.

So everyone have a great break if you are having one and lets all play nice until we meet again.


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