Track of the Week 1st Feb 2015

Each week I choose a song from a movie which may be popular or not. The only criteria is that its a great  song and it fits the scene in the film perfectly. Let me know if you agree.

You Never Can Tell – Chuck Berry


You Never Can Tell“, also known as “C’est La Vie“, is a rockabilly song written by Chuck Berry. It was composed in the early 1960s while Berry was in prison. Released in 1964 on the album St. Louis to Liverpool and was  the followup single to Berry’s final Top Ten hit of the 1960s: “No Particular Place to Go”,

The song briefly became popular again after the 1994 release of the film Pulp Fiction, directed and co-written by Quentin Tarantino. The music was played for a “Twist contest” in which Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman ) competed and won (and were the only contestants shown in the film). The music added an evocative element of sound to the narrative and Tarantino said that the song’s lyrics of “Pierre” and “Mademoiselle” gave the scene a “uniquely 50’s French New Wave dance sequence feel”. Travolta is quoted as saying that the film resurrected his career which had been in decline up to that point.



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