That was a quick 40 years


These two pictures I have found shocked me to the core!

The first picture is of Ann my wife and I in 1975 on a drive out into the countryside one Sunday afternoon in March just before we were married in June of that year.

The Second Picture is of us again 40 years later again on another Sunday drive out, this time down to Silverstone Racing Circuit in England.

Its not the time that has passed that has shocked me its something much more surprising. Its not the lack of hair or the fact I have put on quite a bit of weight but after looking through boxes and boxes of family photographs these are the only two photographs of us together having fun without the Kids.

Its amazing to think that the two young people in the photograph starting out on a life together all those years ago have turned into the two old crumblies in the other.

The real frightening thing is that it doesn’t seem all that long ago!


11 Replies to “That was a quick 40 years”

  1. I tend to find that I’m not in most of our photos because I’m usually the one taking the pictures. So, it was neat to read what you found while looking through old photos. And, yes time does pass too quickly.

    1. You are so right about time flying by. Most of our photos consist of each one of us taking photos of us with the kids. I suppose all family snaps are the same.

  2. great side by side. my husband and I recently went through photos together of our family, we have 4 young ones, and realized we literally have none of just the two of us. you have inspired me to take a picture together ASAP! p.s. really like your music pics there!

  3. Both are lovely… I’m guessing you have countless wonderful memories even if you don’t have the pictures to show for it… How great that you’re still making memories together 40 years on!

  4. Enjoyed looking at the pix. I have one to post of Melissa and me not long after we married in 1979. We marvel today at how much we are like the parents we were so embarrassed by when we were young. One quick example: It would drive me crazy when Dad missed a clump of growing grass back then. Now I do the same and think I will get it next time.

    1. I used to look in the mirror in the morning and see my father looking back at me, some days I now see my Grandfather. Great to hear from you Jim, can’t seem to find your blog though. You take care fella.

  5. Yes indeed the years fly by with alarming speed. This weekend I am going to my niece’s 40th birthday party. When she was born I was still in college with a full head of hair and a head full of dreams and vision. It seems like yesterday. Ah well ! here’s to many more 😉

    1. Hi Cheryl thanks for your comment, I wouldn’t be so rude to call anyone else a crumbly, that is reserved for us as a term of endearment by our kids. (I think it’s a term of endearment!). Haha

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