The Proposal Scene 01


This is a scene that I wrote for a short film based in the eighties in a village pub somewhere in rural northern England

Scene 01

The small bar was full with people chatting and stood at the bar. Doreen the barmaid serving a beer to Dave at the bar.


There you go love, I’ll just get your nuts.


Well I’m up for that but I don’t think Nancy will take that to lightly.

Dave nods over in Nancy’s direction laughing.


Less of that sort of talk otherwise I will get George to bar you.

GEORGE  (The Landlord)

What’s that Doreen? Is he giving you lip again.


Don’t worry George, I’ll have a word with Nancy She will sort him out.

Dave Picks up the drinks and walks over to the table were Nancy is sitting, she looks at him and shakes her head.


What have you been up to? What have I told you about flirting with that trollop.

I’ll stop you coming in here if you carry on like this.

Dave nods his head in disbelief, sits down and puts Nancy’s drink on the table.


I was only having a bit of fun, I didn’t realise It was a crime to have a laugh nowadays.

Anyway I have a surprise for you, but you have to guess what it is.

Dave goes into his pocket and puts a wrapped box on the table. Doreen Looks over from the Bar and says to George.


It looks like we could have a proposal on the cards George.

George is stood drying a glass and looks up and at Doreen


Bloody Hell I know he’s not very bright but even he’s not that stupid!

Nancy looks at the Wrapped Box and smiles and looks at Dave, smiling and expecting a life changing experience.


Come on then have a guess.


You will have to give me a clue


A clue,erm

Dave takes a drink


Its something that people all over the world have done and are still doing even now.

Nancy’s eyes widen in anticipation


Is it something have always wanted




Look Dave i am hopeless at guessing

Doreen shouts over


It looks like its from the Jewelery store to me


I wasn’t asking for your opinion if you don’t mind we are having a private conversation.


Sorry I didn’t think it was that private with all the noise you are making.

GOERGE (the Landlord)

For godsake put us all out of our misery just open the bloody thing.


Go on them get it opened.

Nancy starts ripping at the wrapping paper and then stops and looks puzzeled.


What the hell is it?


Its a Rubik Cube, they are all the rage.


A Rubik Cube, what use is that to anyone


I bought it off your brother he said they are all the rage.


But whats the point of it.


You have to get all the colours to match on each side


Like I said whats the point.

Dave takes another drink


So what did you think it was


If I have to tell you it doesnt mean anything does it.


doesnt it?


Dave we have been going out now for Ten years, don’t you think its time you showed some comittment to our relationship.


I do, I bring you out for a drink at least once a week.


I need something more that a poxy drink or two. Im not getting any younger and all my friends have settled down. I dont want to be that Aunty who never married but gets to babysit for ecveryone.


I thought you were happy the way we are?


Happy! I’m delerious.

Dave takes another drink. Looks down at his pint then back upto Nancy.


Well, I have another surprise for you.

Nancy looks at him and a smile comes across her face.


And what would that be then?

Dave Starts searching in his other pocket.


I got you some pork Scratchings rather than nuts for a change.


You are unbelievable, here i am bearing my soul to you and all you can think of is Pork Scratchings. I give up!

Nancy looks away from dave forcing back the tears.


At least you could eat them now I’ve bought them

He puts the bag on the table, Nancy looks at the opened bag.


The bags even opened, its not even a new bag you tight fisted idiot.


Here have one you know you want to.


I wouldn’t eat out of that bag if it was the last bag of Scratchings on the planet.


Go on you know you want to.

Nancy turns and looks at the bag that dave is wafting under her nose and spots something shiney, she grudgingly puts her hand in the bag and her face changes.


Dave what’s this?


Its an engagement ring Chuck, will you marry me?

Nancy looks at the ring with tears in her eyes. pauses then looks at Dave


Marry you, you have to be kidding, what prospects have you got! we go through this every month and my answer will be the same, I will when you get a job. Now get me a drink.

Doreen turns to George


How many times is that George

GEORGE the Landlord

I dont know I stopped counting when it got to double figures.

Dave empties his pint and gets up to go to the bar.


A pint and a Cinzano Bianco with Lemonade and an umbrella please Doreen


Sorry for your disappointment Dave


Disapointment, isn’t the word I would use, why do you think I haven”t told her I’m working!

© John Eccles 2015

3 Replies to “The Proposal Scene 01”

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Thank goodness you thought it was funny. Comedy is a very difficult thing to write and even more difficult to cast the actors for the film but we are on it.

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