0 – 13 in Four Minutes


Well I am now officially old. My Grand Daughter Saskia had her thirteenth birthday last week which means I am the grandparent of a teenager, nothing prepares you for that, overnight I feel older but no wiser.

Now like all grandparents I believe we are put on this planet to embarrass our kids at every opportunity and with this thought in mind Ann and myself have been trawling through the photographs of Saskia. We decided to make a video of some of the highlights of the last thirteen years of living with Saskia.

So here it is, can I just say she is very embarrassed by it which makes it even more enjoyable for us.

9 Replies to “0 – 13 in Four Minutes”

    1. Thanks for the Comment, trust me she is turning from adorable to a typical 13yr old teenager and all that brings with it. haha. The song is a favourite of hers by Avicii and is called The Days. The video for the song is brilliant, catch it on YouTube.

      1. Oh don’t worry, we all go through teenage-angst :3
        And thanks for the song name, I LOVED it ^_^ Added to my playlist ❤

    1. She asked for a couple of shots and the music to be changed, which I did before I posted it. She is just like her mother in fact her family nickname is mini me!

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