Ordinary life does not interest me.


I realise this is a Friday and I may have been out for a drink or two but sometimes events occur that you just have to put words on a page just to get out of your system, something that you have just experienced that has changed your outlook on your working life forever.

Forget stereotyping, forget what you thought you knew about the human condition because I have just experienced something joyous.

I have been in the company of the two busiest people I know. Both women in management and both mothers. Now I know you think you are busy but these guys are absolutely in a different league.

As regular readers of my blog will know Fridays in Diggle are a family affair, kids come first and everything else is a sideline. It does not matter a jot if you have been busy in your day time job because all that matters is the routine of kids having a great time and learning something worthwhile in the process.

Now I must confess that brass band music leaves me a little cold (OMG i have just become a social pariah), however now and again a young person picks up an instrument and they play flawlessly with an innocence reduces me to tears. But that wasn’t what affected me tonight.

I was in the company of two great women who have more life in them that 90 percent of the country. I have laughed with them for over two hours and that has not happened for a long time. It was brilliant, belly wobbling laughter that lifts your soul.

Now these guys diaries read like some chief exec of a major multinational company with the added pressure of kids activities thrown in and without a blink of an eye they decided that tonight was going to a good night, and it was.

Gone was the frustration of the week, the crap decisions, the I should have achieved this or I should have done that. The realisation that we cannot be active for every waking minute without dropping the odd plate and the reality of we tried our best arrived at about ten o clock.

We are all human and I think it is better to be remembered as a supportive parent rather that a great manager. So hats off to these women and all the women out there who are expected to deliver everything to everyone 24/7.

I don’t want to appear patronising but my advice for what it is worth is that you need to look after ( in no specific order) yourself, your kids, your husband, your employer and above all the grumpy old guy who tagged along for the best night out I have had in a long time.

Good night and God bless.


3 Replies to “Ordinary life does not interest me.”

  1. Yes we are raised to please at all costs and to endure the guilt of always wanting to be somewhere else because we may be needed. It’s the disease to please.

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