She’s Leaving Home

She breaks down and cries to her husbandDaddy our baby's gone.-2

I am sat listening to She’s Leaving Home by the Beatles off the 1967 Sgt. Peppers album and I am sat here I am thinking this is one of the most perfect songs ever written.

The lyrics are phenomenal, they paint extraordinary pictures with every word and the orchestral accompaniment wrap around the words to make it complete, and just when you think it cant get any better they add the touch of genius at the end with a nod to amen.

Next year the song will be 50 years old and it sounds as fresh as when I heard it all those years ago first time around. This was Lennon and McCartney at the top of their game, a perfect combination of two extremely talented individuals who kept pushing each other to make the ever elusive perfect song and if you add the genius of George Martin into the mix then it was a created in what was a perfect collaboration of very talented writers and a commensurate producer.

Once the Beatles split neither of them ever came close to creating anything as good individually but of all of the Beatles my personal favourite was George Harrison, his Here Comes the Sun is what I think of as the anthem to the arrival of spring and is joyous. But it does not have the same quality lyrically or musically as She’s Leaving home.

Many people will disagree with me I am sure but I will bet that it is in your top five Beatles songs. Just in case you need a reminder of how good it is here is the link on Spotify.


5 Replies to “She’s Leaving Home”

  1. A perfect choice John and I agree with all you say. I featured this one a few weeks ago too. I also found George to be my personal favourite and though I can’t deny the genius of the collaboration and the individual efforts, I never rated John as a singer and I found some of Paul’s work a bit pretentious.
    Eleanor Rigby was another in the same mould as She’s leaving home.

    1. I think most people of our generation have been spoiled by so many fantastic songs and songwriters.

      Even now great songs are being written and performed but the cultural references don’t have the same impact on me as the songs from my teenage years.

      No doubt in another fifty years some old bloke will be sat here writing about his favourite song and that is how it should be.

      Thanks for the comment. PS You are right Eleanor Rigby was another brilliant pencil sketch song about Liverpool along with Penny Lane.

      This list is getting longer by the minute.

  2. I am old enough to remember how the Beatles took the world by storm. Listening to the beauty of that song it is hard to imagine how ‘renegade’ they were back then.

    Not sure you intended it that way but what a lovely tribute for international women’s day! 😉

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