You Can’t Beat a Bit of Disco on a Friday Night

Miss World in a Cauldron spinning tunes, in Oldham in the 80s

You cant beat a 80s disco for bringing back all the great and painful memories from your past. Now as a grey haired old bloke you can imagine the horror on the faces of the callow youth watching me strutting my stuff.

When I say strutting I have got to the age where the disconnect between your arms and legs is an issue. According to Lady Eccles that was always the case so I don’t feel quite as bad.

But I love the fact that young people still love the music of my formative years.

I don’t care how old you are but when TRex’s ‘I Love to Boogie’ comes on at a Disco I honestly think that voodoo comes into action and no matter what age you are all your limbs start to twitch.

I suppose that is how it should be, I can remember my mother going weak at the knee’s dancing with my father to Mario Lanza at wedding receptions of my youth. Being a child of the fifties, I don’t count the period before the seventies (thats when the cool music arrived).

Now that is my era, that is when I was passionate about music. That doesn’t mean to say I am any less passionate now about it now but life being what life is I cannot invest the time or energy to discover new music, until now.

We are very lucky nowadays with the advent of streaming music you can do two things. You can listen to all your LPs that are buried deep in the loft that you have nothing to play them on and you can discover new music which I can assure you is every bit as good as the music of your youth.

That is the best bit of the internet that people take for granted. It just arrives with no effort on the part of the listener. Gone have the days of reading Melody Maker or the New Musical Express and visiting your local record store in the vain hope that your favourite bands LP may be in stock.

Another great thing is that we have just come out of Glastonbury which is phenomenal, an explosion of  all music, broadcast through the BBC for free, I don’t even need to get my wellies out I can sit with a cup of tea and enjoy every millisecond without getting wet or some tall bloke standing in front of me so I can’t see.

Watching ZZ Top, Adele and Coldplay giving master classes on how it should be done is just the best activity you can partake of on a settee (apart from sex with someone you love to bits, obviously).

I can watch Bands that I love, Bands I have never heard of and I can connect with young people having the times of their lives. I liken it to being in a pub stood next to a group of people having a great time and enjoying them having a great time without the risk of rejection, I suppose its almost voyeuristic.

But having said all that there is nothing on earth like being stood in  a mosh pit with the thump of the bass drum on your sternum and the sweaty bodies of people around you singing and jumping up and down.

Now I would do it all over again if it wasn’t for the fact when you get older you have to have an escape route to the toilets at hourly intervals which makes for an adventure that most guys of my age don’t want to play roulette with.

So tonight I go to bed feeling a little nearer my formative years rather than the light at the end of the tunnel. So I will now drink my Horlicks and hope that my hangover will not be quite as severe as the one I had last time. (What a rock and roll lifestyle I lead).

Goodnight and may your God go with you and life be kind to you and yours.


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