Sunday Night Wind Down

James looking like he’s lost the will to live in yet another clothes shop.

Sunday night should be the last chance of the weekend to wind down and try to either recover from partying hard or trying to remember all the great things you did since you walked out of the office on Friday night.

This weekend has been busy by our standards we have had to up our game because the Grandkids have stayed with us. Now that in itself isn’t usually as traumatic as it sounds but this weekend we have had to sort out other stuff as well.

Saturday we had to go prop shopping for a commercial I am making which means sorted bits and bobs and costumes for a 14 year old actress. I ask you how hard can it be to buy a couple of tops and a blazer.

At this point I should mention the actress in question is my grand daughter Saskia (nepotism is alive and well) and all I can say she is very picky. Saturday consisted of visiting several high street shops with Lady Ann, Saskia and James who I must be said has as much interest in shopping as I do.

He does however have a unique skill that it took me years to master and that is the art of looking as if you have lost the will to live, and very good he is at it as well.

So the biggest part of the day was taken up in various coffee shops whilst the women went shopping. So arriving back home I was quickly reminded that I needed to go and check on Saskia’s horse at the stables which we duly did.

So at seven thirty this morning I am back at the stables feeding the horse again before I leave to meet friends at a Car show in Pontefract (on my own and very good it was to).

So I arrived back mid afternoon, had a bit of a nap and thought what a good way to round the weekend off by watching the Grand Prix. My plans hit the skids about eight when Saskia tells us out of the blue she needs some stuff for food technology for tomorrow morning.

So Ann hurriedly went through our cupboards and found most of the ingredients on her long list but the deal breaker was she needed 600 grammes of white fish! So after travelling about 10 miles in search of white fish on a Sunday evening we had almost give up but then I had a brainwave.

Lets see if a fish and chip shop would sell us a raw fish!

Now have you ever tried to explain to the local Chinese Chip shop that you would like to buy a raw fish a bit of a challenge but hey guess what they delivered in spades. They were fantastic, life savers.

So it is now Ten o clock they have gone home the house is once again quiet and I am breaking a golden rule (no alcohol on a school night) by having a large Gin and Tonic to recover from the busiest weekend we have had in ages.


One Reply to “Sunday Night Wind Down”

  1. You’re right John. James has really mastered the look. If you’re ever doing a commercial that calls for just that in spades…………….

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