Changing My Work Location


If you remember in last weeks blog I was commenting on when your work colleagues retire you have no one to have a good moan with. Well, unfortunately for me my employer must have read it, felt my pain and did something about it. They have made me redundant.

Now it didn’t really come as a shock to me, funding cuts are making Further Education almost undeliverable and it’s no easy task offering the best educational experience for students on an ever decreasing budget.

So am I outraged, upset or angry?

The answer is no. The college I have worked for have been great to me over the years and they are making an offer that will mean I can take my foot off the gas and enjoy myself before I get to old to do so.

During the twenty or so years that I have been involved with the college I have taught well over 6000 students and many of them have gone on to have great careers in Film, TV, Radio, Digital industries, and PR and that is very satisfying to see.

What really has surprised me is that how quickly the news has travelled. I haven’t even finalised the arrangements and people are getting in touch to see how they can help. I am amazed and really humbled that people would take the time to send me a message to say they are thinking of me and if I need help then just get in touch.

More worryingly I have also had a couple of job offers so I wont be starving anytime soon.

Lady Ann has said she is looking forward to seeing more of me and is already making a list of things that need doing so I won’t get bored (her words not mine) and if the list isn’t to long I will have a chance to take a breather before embarking on the next instalment of life at Eccles Towers.

So even though this part of my career is over anyone who knows me will realise even though I could retire, I probably won’t. Film makers and creative people love what they do so it really isn’t a job, its a lifestyle choice. The difference being that I can choose projects I want to work on rather that projects I have to work on and there is a world of difference between the two.

So all the remains to say on this subject is that I cant wait to get started in a part-time fashion obviously, and a great big thank you to everyone who has helped me over the years and made my job brilliant.

4 Replies to “Changing My Work Location”

  1. Congratulations on closing that chapter of your life and success to you in your future endeavors. What sometimes looks like a punishment can become a great opportunity.

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