March is Mortality Month in our House


Everyone I know has a month in the year that they dread. In my world it is always April but the dread starts mid March and as I write this it is mid month you can imagine how I am feeling.

I like to think of myself as a glass half full kind of guy but I cannot help but feel that the sword of Damocles is wafting over my head. I know it is as Mr Spock says illogical but at the back of my mind I have started to feel like something is coming which I may or may not like.

As usual I have been taken out tonight by my nine year old grandson  (that is a very bad excuse for going and drinking with some very nice people) and it is a very nice experience. But after a couple of pints of Guinness it is at this point in the week that I start thinking of the bigger picture and my own mortality.

Can I say that I am lucky and I have managed to achieved most of my life goals and the ones that are left are not worth mentioning especially since Kylie Minogue has a new boyfriend.

I am however starting to think that I may have left it a little late to fulfil some of my childhood dreams.

So here is my Bucket list:

To have a Gin Sling in Raffles in Singapore

Watch the Sun rise at Aires Rock

To have Breakfast on Route 66

and above all watch my kids be settled and happy.

So which on the list do you think is my priority?

Obviously I am a responsible adult and it is that my kids be settled and happy (although I do rather fancy breakfast on route 66.

So my advice to all you millennials reading this is you have to follow your dreams, don’t leave it to late or you may not be in a fit state to enjoy it.

Above all be kind to people who hold such flights of fancy, because they are the people who will achieve their dreams on your behalf.

So when you are in the old folks home and I am sat at your side dribbling and incoherent I hope that we will have least achieved some of our dreams with the people who matter the most to us!

If not don’t you think you may regret your missed opportunities, I know I will.


One Reply to “March is Mortality Month in our House”

  1. You may have your priorities right John but it shouldn’t stop you achieving some if not all of your bucket list. You”re certainly still young enough. The question is whether you’ll be allowed to retire so you have the time needed. Good luck.

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