Betrayal is a word that sounds just like the emotion it evokes.

It arrives in our lives at the most inopportune moments and is often delivered by people who you would least expect it from and that is the bit that hurts. Now there are two ways to deal with this treacherous act, either confront the perpetrator or alternatively (my preferred method of dealing with it) play the long game, after all revenge is a dish best served cold.

So what do I know about betrayal?

By my reckoning I have been betrayed three times in my life, the first time by a so called best friend who stole my girlfriend. Forty or so years on and reflecting on the episode I can forgive him because she was very nice and I didn’t have the emotional experience to appreciate her. So to a certain extent that is how it goes.

The second time was in my career.

When you are a member of a team and you go the extra mile to make sure that everyone gets the recognition for any success only to find out when its to late that one of the team has taken all the glory for your hard work.

The third and final time is now.

I feel betrayed by the government who I put my trust in to look after me in my twilight years. Instead I find we are governed by a group of self serving individuals who don’t give a second thought about selling us down the river and abandoning the infrastructure that enabled them to be in such a position.

On a personal level I have very little to complain about. I have been fairly lucky health wise and our exceptional NHS have provided for me in my most vulnerable moments.

I have been the recipient of a very good education, like many of our MP’s in government who unfortunately a few years ago decided that this opportunity was wasted on the rest of us so decided to charge for courses or starve it of investment so it becomes almost insignificant to the recipients.

But the biggest betrayal of all is that I mistakenly thought that our elected representatives did it out of a sense of duty and to look after the less fortunate in our society.

You might think that I am being naive but I put that down to the fact that I was brought up to respect everyone not just the successful.

So there we have it in a nutshell, the working and middle classes have been betrayed by their own, the opportunists, and the easily corrupted.

This is the time to make a change. Lets give these people the result they deserve rather than the result they expect. It happened with Brexit and in America with Trump.

During this election campaign please hold the thought that these people do not tell the whole truth or even anything like the truth

You never know third time lucky we could do away with the spivs and opportunists and put the fairness back into politics.

All I ask is that you vote, I care not a jot for who (unless its for this uncaring government, then I might wince a little) but for someone who you can trust and can put integrity above the mighty buck.

Unfortunately I am not seeing many of these individuals around!

2 Replies to “Betrayal”

  1. When I was young there were certain politicians you knew were in it for the long run, for the people and for the country.people like Manny Shinwell and Anthony Wedgewood Benn (Tony Benn). We had a House of Lords that used to sit and stop the worst excesses of the Government in Power. You knew that each of the parties stood for certain things.
    Now we seem to have professional politicians, glib little men interchangeable from party to party. The House of Lords has been broken into groups of political appointees all toeing the party line where those Lords who genuinely had cared for the country and with no axe to grind have been disposed of in the attempts to abolish the Lords altogether.
    I have no faith in the Labour party who seem to leave office with the country heavy with National Debt while leaving written notes as a joke to say the cupboard’s bare….and it was.
    I have little faith in the Tories who these days are headed by the wealthy and who seem sometimes to have no idea of how the working man feels.
    The Liberal Democrats in my eyes have no experience of Government and are too pro Europe they would give the country away.
    As for UKIP, well they are to be despised as very right wing.
    I am pro Brexit yet do not dislike my European neighbours. Nor am I racially prejudiced and I do recognise the need the UK has for immigration. What I don’t like is the money wasted by the EU, some of the laws passed that we are expected to abide by and the levels of immigration they set for us without us having a choice. Genuine refugees I’m happy to take but from the rest, we’ve always had a need for certain skills here which we’ve found in the past from Africa, India and Jamaica, countries with whom we’ve had long ties. I don’t want to see limits set that take away our choice of where immigrants come from.

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