An Adventure in Local Village Cinema


This week I have been to a small local cinema in the village hall in Denshaw, Saddleworth and very nice it was to.

Non of that ever present noise  of explosions and intrusive American Voice overs or the smells of hot dogs and popcorn you get in a multiplex.

Imagine walking in and having homemade cake and scones washed down with a glass of wine before you even get to watch the film in very comfortable seats with another 100  people.

The added advantage is rather than the usual fare of blockbusters that seem to dominate every cinema complex at the moment, these guys pick films that may fall through the net at the more commercial venues.

We watched a brilliant film which I had never heard of before called “Lost in Paris” which is one of the funniest films I have watched in a very long time.

I am glad I am not a film critic because I would find it incredibly difficult to describe without spoiling it for anyone wanting to watch it.

All I can say it is beautiful to watch and especially look out for the dance routine by the elderly Emmanuel Riva and her old lover on a park bench which is both touching and brilliant.

The issue I have is that I could get used to being spoiled like this and what makes it even more enjoyable it only cost me £15.00  all in for two of us.

Last week it cost me £50,.00 to watch Star Wars in 3D which in its own way was spectacular but £50.00 is a bit steep even in 3D.

But Scones, wine and a belly laugh always works for me every time. Bring on next time I am sure my waistline can stand the home baking.

Have a look at the trailer you will see what I mean.



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