I have time travelled back to the eighties!

Photo Courtesy of Bohemian Rhapsody the Movie

Its been a busy old week for retired grumpy old bloke, myself and lady Ann decided to have a gander at the new release that is Bohemian Rhapsody. (even though the critics have had a field day). 

What I see is what I judge, I honestly think it’s a great movie. It tells a story, I care not a jot that it may be factually correct but that I connected to it emotionally. 

Movies are by their nature are a work of fiction. A version of the facts that may be true or not. I think to judge a historical movie you have to had experienced what it was like then and not now. 

It is what life was like in the Seventies and Eighties which is quite different from what our understanding is now. It’s a fairly authentic representation of what it was like back in a far more innocent time.

So how can a thirty-odd-year-old judge what they are seeing if they did not experience what life was then?

So let’s look at the track record of these critics. “ Blade Runner “ one of the most iconic movies of all time”, that’s a no then!  “Apocalypse Now” do I need to go on because my list is endless!

Now I am not saying that this movie was without its faults, but it did what it said on the poster, it told a story of a man who was flawed, and who was troubled but told it with dignity. I agree it was a little forgiving but gave a credible back story that made Lady Ann cry, so it obviously touched a nerve somewhere. 

People who make films are a unique breed, they do it because they love telling stories. It does not sit easily with Directors or Producers to be judged by people who spend their lives behind a keyboard and criticise what they have achieved.

Making a film is not easy, even without the battles over funding and all the crap that comes with executive producers. Filmmakers are a unique bread, It is very simple they do it because they passionate about what they do and would probably work even if they didn’t get paid. 

Film critics on the other hand are a far more venomous proposition. They are judged on column inches  rather than creative input and could I suggest it is far simpler to critique rather than create something,

So in my world, I do not listen to the critics, I may learn from them if I think it is relevant but on the whole, the only people I listen to are the audience, because they vote with their feet.

So on a scale of one to ten Bohemian Rhapsody scores a massive nine mainly because it transported me back to the eighties which I look back at with some affection.


2 Replies to “I have time travelled back to the eighties!”

  1. Well done John I haven’t seen the movie yet but am greatly encouraged to venture out from the cave to experience it. I particularly enjoyed your comments about relevance of being there and your view of film creators and critics. Thank you

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