Support me in my Ginuary Campaign

A New day and a New Year. It’s strange how the hype of New Years Eve and the rhetoric about new beginnings never cease to amaze me. A new year is just a continuation of the old one but with a new number. 

Its a little bit like birthdays, I have a landmark birthday coming up and people are asking how do you feel about that, my answer is just like I do now but a day older. 

As a modern society we place too much store in events that have no real significance whatsoever in everyday existence.

So this year when lots of people are saying no to alcohol for a dry January, I will be making a different statement. What about GInuary, it sort of works for me, so for everyone who buys me a Gin and tonic this month I will donate the same amount to help the homeless, now that’s a campaign!

All I can say I have made no resolutions, no promises I can’t keep but I will be trying to be a nicer person to people who really don’t deserve it.

So Happy New Year and I hope its a good one and it will be if you look out for those less fortunate  because Karma always favours the kind hearted.