Surviving Technology Cold Turkey


Every now and again it pays to take a break from the hectic 24/7 lifestyle that we have all embraced so readily. With mobile phones and various social media gadgets, life is without doubt stressful.

It’s not like its easy to opt out of either. If you are anything like me I regularly put my phone on silent for a bit of peace and quiet, however when it vibrates in your pocket I can’t overcome the urge to look at who is trying to contact me. It’s a very frustrating experience and it can drive you to the brink of insanity if you let it.

So with that in mind Ann and myself decided along with some friends that it would be rather nice to visit the Norfolk Broads for a few days and just chill out, floating at 4 miles an hour on an aircraft carrier sized boat with en suite bathrooms and all modern amenities (including Satellite TV) seemed like a great idea.

Anyone who has ever visited Norfolk will know what a blissful experience it is. Big skies, plenty of rivers and broads to sail on and great country pubs to drink and eat in. Wrap that package with great weather and life doesn’t get much better.

We had a great time, apart from one little niggle that gradually made me become almost obsessive by day three. I realised I had become almost paranoid about wanting to check what was happening in the world, I had started missing my phone and tablet, my window on the world.

I started looking out for WIFI hotspots, (an impossible task in Norfolk). I would have had more success trying to catch the Lock Ness Monster on his holidays. I found myself lingering outside of pubs with free wifi, having Coffee with free wifi or at my darkest moment visiting a supermarket with free Wifi.

I know what you are thinking, how do people in Norfolk survive with what is almost third world internet connectivity. Its simple, they buy newspapers and talk to each other, and they use maps instead of the Sat Nav on their phones, what a refreshing idea.

By day four my mindset had totally changed, gone was the need for connectivity and I actually started to chill out. The whole idea of the trip in the first place.

So it is possible to turn of the technology and enjoy yourself, to complete a crossword without the help of Google, read a paper without squinting at a four inch screen to read the content. So my advice to anyone who wants to try technology cold turkey for a few days visit Norfolk and enjoy the peace and quiet.


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