My New Year Rebooted



Its Friday night, 11.20 to be precise. I have good news folks the maudlin posts from the past couple of weeks have passed. We are now in the world of the rebooted 2016 and my New Year’s Eve from now on will be the 1st of February (only because this January was so lousy).

Living in the United Kingdom we are used to change on an epic scale, take the weather for example. Saturday last week I left Towcester in the midlands and the sun was cracking the pavements, blue skies and short sleeves were the order of the day.

One and a half hours up the motorway it was like being at the North-pole and snowing.

But that didn’t dampen my spirits and it didn’t take long to look a lot rosier either, Donald Trump managed to come third in a two horse race in the lead up to the American elections which made my day.

Now Donald and myself are about seven of years apart on the age scale (he is obviously older) and I have no doubt that he is far better at business than I am but  when it comes to being president of one of the world most powerful countries in the world I have to admit he scares the living daylights out of me.

I was brought up by my parents to believe that you should treat people the way you would want to be treated yourself unfortunately Donald didn’t listen to his parents at all.

How politicians treat people is despicable and the old adage that people who yearn for power are the people who shouldn’t be given any holds very true even in this day and age.

I live in Oldham as you are aware which has had is fair share of bad press, the posh folk who live in our village prefer to say they live in Saddleworth and there are even some when on holiday say they come from Manchester and that really makes my blood boil.

You should be proud of were you come from, that is part of who you are.

There are a lot of great people in Oldham who don’t make a fuss or shout from the rooftops about what they do and they really need to start otherwise we will be forgotten.

Our latest MP Jim McMahon I hope is going to restore my faith in the political classes. He is a local bloke and as council leader achieved great things for everyone in the town. He even managed to restore some of our civic pride in recent times which after the riots was non existent.

I only hope he is not seduced by the Westminster machine that is hell bent on maintaining the status quo in the southeast of England.

I am sure he won’t but you never can tell.

So one month into the New Year and I have lost three heroes from my youth and one very close friend and although I am feeling quite vulnerable I am still trying to look forward with my cup half full outlook intact.

So after my usual Friday night which culminates in my semi drunken blogging I wish you all well, have a good nights sleep and may your God go with you.


4 Replies to “My New Year Rebooted”

  1. I hope your faith in your local MP is rewarded John. The party machine with it’s whips always worries me as I’d prefer MP’s to vote their conscience ( or rather that of their constituency ) than be bullied into voting the party line.
    Sorry you had such a lousy January.

    1. Phew for a minute I thought I had fallen fowl of the rule never to blog about politics. In my defence I treat all politicians from whatever country they come from with the same healthy distrust.

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