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It has been a rotten start to the new year. Loosing lifelong friends is never easy, and add to that loosing the hero’s from your youth its enough to make a person give up but I am from Oldham and that is not an option.

Now according to the rest of the British Isles I come from an insignificant windswept town in the northwest of England but to me it is the best place on the planet.

Many people in the town and central government think that Oldham is a town that has had its day and that hope has all but gone. I have news for you, as a town we may be down but are definitely not out.

People from Oldham are a rare bread, it matters not a jot what colour, religion or belief system you belong to you kick one of us you kick us all.

Winston Churchill started his political career in the town, Anne Kenny the linch pin of the suffrage movement was born here, we are strong and in spite of the current government we will survive.

On this small blue planet that we are a part off we all like to think that our own little part of the world will never ever change, that we are all part of some great master plan which someone has carefully thought out. I have no interest in that belief.

I meet people everyday that make things happen and often not because of financial gain but because they can and have belief that people no matter how insignificant they think they are make a difference.

So even though I have been stopped in my tracks by loosing people who I really cared about I will pick myself up and dust myself off and try to make a difference in the town I call home.

Oldham is a town that over the years has kept me and my family safe,. Its allowed me to raise my family in a place which I think is beautiful, not because of architecture or environment but because the people in this town care, they are passionate about were we live and look out for each other no matter what the world throws at us.

So after this patriotic venting I will leave you with the thought. I live in the town who invented the chip so it can’t be all that bad can it, there are far worse things to be remembered for.


2 Replies to “Made in Oldham”

  1. I guess it can’t be bad as one of my cousins moved to Shaw which is still a part of Oldham I think. I’m sure I’ve been to Oldham though it was many years ago, I seem to recall a paper mill. I very much enjoyed what I saw and having lived in Stockport for some time and even Heywood for a while I know how friendly and close knit people of the North West can be.

  2. John, I am happy to read a post from someone who actually appreciates where he lives and loves its culture and its camaraderie. The thoughts expressed here may be considered old-fashioned by some but I believe we need more of people being happy where they have been put and saying that their situation is the best in the world.

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