Our Next Roadtrip – The North Coast 500

The Applecross Peninsula

After our success of last years road trip into deepest France on the Laon Historique, this year Lady Eccles and I have decided to test the fragility of our marriage yet again by doing another road trip in the Crossfire. To say the car is snug is an understatement but it is rather comfortable so why not. 

So hold on to your hats this one is going to be a great adventure.

We are going to drive around 500 miles of the highland coast of Scotland in six days so thats six arguments and six let’s make ups, otherwise it could be a quiet few days. The driving will be indespersed with Whale, Dolphin and Otter watching, along with sitting on deserted beaches soaking up the fantastic scenery. Not to mention having to eat and stay in various hostileries around the route.

The North Coast 500 (NC500) is a brand new coastal touring route that covers the best the Scotish Highlands has to offer in a 500 mile round trip. The route begins in Inverness and follows the coastal edges of the North Highlands.

According to the media it’s Scotland’s ‘own route 66’, the North Coast 500 has had an amazing response from both tourists and journalists alike and I cant wait to get started.

Now everyone who knows me is going to think I am mad to be organising such an undertaking but as a project manager how difficult can it be, booking six hotels and planning a route that Ann wont find to arduous.

I will tell you how hard, its a logistical nightmare. August aparently is when the world goes to Scotland on holiday, finding accomodation has been a challenge but after days of looking at various websites I think I have done it. The last time she trusted me to book hotels on the last road trip I was less that brilliant at it so she insists she has the final say.

So here is our Itinerary.

Day 01 Tuesday 09th August 2016

Home to Falkirk  Loch Lomond Premier Inn  (242 miles)

Day 02 Wednesday 10th August 2016

am Falkirk to the Loch Ness Inn (157 miles)

Day 03 Thursday 11th August 2016

am Loch Ness Inn to the Start at Inverness Castle for the obligatory photograph then across country to Applecross on the West Coast (115 miles)

Applecross to Ullapool (90 miles) Ferryman Inn

Day 04 Friday 12th August 2016

Ullapool to John o Groats (150 miles)  John o Groats Guest House

Day 065 Saturday 13th August 2016

am John o Groats to Inverness Castle for the Finish Photograph  (120 miles)

pm Inverness to Loch Ness Hotel (15 miles) Travelodge

Day 07 Sunday 14th August 2016

Lochness Hotel to Dumbarton (242 miles)

Day 08 Monday 16th August 2016

Dumbarton/Loch Lomond hotel to home (242 miles)

Thats 1,329 miles in seven days which will cost about £250 in Fuel

So we shall see how this pans out. I will keep you all updated in the first instance by Twitter and no doubt a lengthy incident-filled post on my return.


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