The Day Before My Holiday

The Beach

Today in my professional role is the day before the holidays, the day is split between what you need to do and what you feel you should do and that is always a disastrous proposition.

We are all human and how many modern couples are conflicted by the feeling of being out of control whilst being on holiday. I don’t mean this in a derogatory way but we run hard and fast all year and then all of a sudden when the brakes are applied and we are expected to have a holiday.

Now don’t get me wrong I love holidays, a chance to recharge the batteries and spend time with your loved ones who are all but ignored for the rest of the year. This is an opportunity to get some brownie points with your kith and kin.

Now that brings a whole different pressure on your average man and woman, demands which are well outside a normal worldly experience. For example stood in your speedos by the sea trying to look cool whilst your kids are making sandcastles is in my opinion wrong on so many levels so I ask you to stop immediately.

The question you have to ask is, is this a natural proposition. The answer is no it isn’t but we still manage to make it work because we love our children and our grandchildren and I suggest that there is no situation that parents and grandparents will not endure to ensure the kids are having the time of their lives,

So I m here tonight  is a very relaxed frame of mind trying to make sense of all this after having a great night out and I am now searching for another answer to another age old question, ‘what makes great night out ?’

So here is my answer for what it is worth:

Number one, great company. People who can tell a great story. Trust me I know these people they can tell stories that can make you cry with laughter or break your heart. It does not matter a jot as long as they emotionally connect with you.

Number two you cannot second guess a good night out. Good nights out just happen. It is a combination of getting to the weekend and the attitude of living in the moment and not worrying about the headache tomorrow. (Most drinkers will try and feed you the miracle hangover cure but it does not exist).

Number three this is the best reason whatsoever, you need to feel young again, revisit your youth, a time when your only responsibility was to ensure you put you underwear the right way round!

Don’t get me wrong we all have responsibilities which weigh us down but everyone needs a break and guess what in this household it happens the same time every week.

So this is my message to you, have a great holiday, enjoy yourselves and above all experience life as you would like to live it.

Have a great break and see you after the holiday season with some more grumpy musings..


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