New Year Blue Sky Thinking

Saddleworth Church 1st January 2017
I think I may not be on my own in thinking that 2016 was not the best of years for many people. But if you look back in history there are many other examples of annus horribilis and you don’t have to look that far back to discover that’s the case.

Many people judge a year by what they have gained or lost and I am just as guilty of that, but I suppose its the human condition.

So what did 2016 do to me and mine. It was a pretty good year, we are all still here, healthy and a little wiser. Apart from loosing a very good friend in January the grim reaper has not been very busy around these parts, he’s been far to busy taking the talented, rich and famous. Which goes to prove riches amount to nothing in the end, when your time has come, your time has come.

We had a wedding, offspring number one our son Simon got married to Kayleigh and carried on the great family tradition of the Eccles men punching way above their weight. And a great day was had by all.

Our daughter Sarah has had yet survived another operation and has recovered heroically, never complaining once and making the most of what life has dealt her. She is still the best person I know to have a night out with, you never stop laughing from beginning to end.

Lady Ann and myself are still here and chipper although we are beginning to feel a little like the Grandparents out of the Walton’s.

So whats in store this year?

Well, after I retired in December (as Ann points out, I lasted four days) I start a short term contract till March (which will finance a very nice Holiday). After that is out of the way we are going to travel a little and above all start taking life a little easier.

So folks have a great 2017 and may you get what you need rather than what you want and as I discovered a few years ago as long as you wake up in a morning you are already quids in.


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