I am Getting Grumpier by the Day!

President Donald Trump holds up a signed executive order to advance construction of the Dakota Access
President Donald Trump holds up a signed executive order to advance construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline

So here is my next instalment of life according to the Grumpy Northern Bloke and trust me I am very grumpy at the moment. Now I know what you are thinking, obviously Lady Ann has done something that has upset me, sorry to disappoint but no., as always she is my anchor.

My issue is something that most people in the UK will think is insignificant in this day and age, but as you know I am a sort of old fashioned guy who thinks that a man’s word means something and I am outraged that the President of the USA can and has behaved like a petulant child.

He has overturned several of Barak Obama’s agreements all because he thinks that the dollar is mightier than the rule of law. In the second it takes to sign a mandate he has reneged on several treaties signed by his predecessors who acted in a humane and fair way.

The biggest issue I have is his dealings with the North Dakota Pipeline project. Obama agreed with the indigenous population in the area that this pipeline will pose a significant risk to the water supply that is the life blood of the population of North Dakota. Obama asked the army engineers to find a better route to ensure that the water supply to the population will be secure without risk of contamination. That is a decision of a man who respects his population.

Two weeks after is in-ordination Trump overturns the decision and enables the pipeline construction to go ahead. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things you might say but there are one or two points that really get my back up.

Point One

He has a vested interest in the pipeline, he invested heavily in the scheme at inception. He owned and then sold his shares in Phillips 66, another company responsible for construction and according to CNBC. The CEO of Energy Transfer Partners contributed more than $100,000 to President Trump’s campaign and the Republican Party.

How can it be in this day and age this can this be allowed to go unnoticed, not only does he think it is acceptable but he openly believes that he is the law and is almost untouchable.

Point Two

With his new (illegal) immigration policy he thinks he can ride rough shod over people who are American citizens who just happened to be travelling abroad for business . Just because they happen to be from a country on his ill conceived list gleaned from oviously dodgy research that says they are a security risk. He has systematically given law abiding citizens an excuse to radicalise.

I appreciate that being the President of America it is not the easiest of jobs and allegedly being the most powerful man in the western world I expect better from him. All I ask is a little less bravado and a little more humility which would go a long way in ensuring that the world is a safer place to live in.

After all it’s the only world we have and it has finite resources. So lets all calm down and try to get on and negotiate without resorting to chest beating and victimisation of minority groups.


4 Replies to “I am Getting Grumpier by the Day!”

  1. I fully agree with you John. I also ask why none of the Countries from where terrorists came to commit 9/11 are on that list? Could it be that D.Trump has business interests in all those places but none in the Countries currently banned?

  2. John – As an American citizen I join you in a growing sense of alarm over recent events. I trust that the safeguards built into our Constitution will help balance and curb (as they should) the events of the past few weeks. We shall see. Please know that in our country, as in yours, all people are not cut from the same cloth or share the same radical opinions as our current leader. Bless you for your concern.

    1. I like yourself judge individuals rather than entire nations. Believe me here in the UK there are many in Government on all sides that I think need a lesson in humanity and decency. I have always lived by the adage “Treat others as you would want to be treated”. That I think is beyond some people who are greedy for power and respect. They don’t realise that to get respect you have to earn it.
      No doubts we will all survive in this current climate but it is very worrying so I send you my best wishes an lets hope Mr Trump improves with experience.

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