Connection or Coincidence?


Is it me or do things in life make you think that someone somewhere has a master plan that dictates what happens to us in life.

Now being a rather cynical individual (my wife’s opinion, obviously not my own) I always thought that life was a set of random events with the only thing connecting them was our own participation in them.

That was until fourteen years ago my daughter started dating a soldier who came from the opposite end of the country. We live in Oldham near Manchester and he lived in Odiham near Basingstoke, now if you think the name thing is slightly spooky then read on, it gets even spookier.

As with some modern day romances they met when he came home from a tour of duty and he was staying with a friend in Oldham, she became pregnant with our Grand Daughter Saskia and as some remote relationships pan out they had split up before she was born.

After Saskia was born Sarah received a request from Saskia’s father’s parents who would like to meet her and Saskia. So, arrangements were made and we were to meet at a half way point near the motorway and then go to a friend’s house in Milton Keynes Village so we could have a chat.

We arrived a little early at the meeting place and subsequently they arrived, I got out to let them know to follow us back to our friends. I got back in our car and Ann said I’m sure I have met her before to which my response was 300 miles apart, probably not then!

We arrived at our friend’s house and I went to make everyone a brew (a true northern bloke me, and yes it was Yorkshire Tea, arguably the best in the world), whilst I was busy Ann and Sarah were talking to them in the lounge when all of a sudden there was a huge outburst of laughter. I went into the lounge to see if it was me they were laughing at, (yes I am that paranoid).

But they had discovered the most amazing coincidence.

They had discovered that eight months previously Ann and myself had been on holiday for a week in Tunisia in early December. (for a rest before starting our Christmas family marathon of planning, shopping and generally getting all the family together under one roof for Christmas Day).

It seems we had met this couple in the Hotel where we stayed and had chatted and had drinks together on more than one occasion during the week.

So is that a coincidence or is it a connection in someone else’s master plan.

As all good journalists say I will let you decide.


My entry into this years competition

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