It’s the Student Life for me!


What does a semi retired sixty odd year old do when the world starts to see him as the transparent grumpy old bloke that has very little relevance to the world in which he lives.

Now I am not complaining , I am quite happy with my lot, I travel, I am in good health and I keep abreast of the latest technology so I can survive in this world of handheld devices and the internet.

So back to my original question why?

The reason is simple, I am bored, not of life but after a life of tight deadlines and long hours my days have taken on a very sedentary pace. I needed stimulation of some sort so I thought that why not get back into education but not as a teacher but as a student.

So here I am six weeks into my first year as an undergraduate at the University of Central Lancashire studying Graphic Design at the University Campus Oldham and what a great time I am having.

Now my older friends think I have gone stark staring mad, others think I am getting down with the kids but what I am doing is keeping an open mind and exercising the grey matter and according to research that should keep me in good shape for years to come.

The added bonus is that Lady Ann my wife likes the idea and it gets me from under her feet for half a week as she says the fees are cheaper than a divorce!

Being a Teacher or Lecturer you forget what it is like to be a student and the biggest difference is that I am only responsible for my own learning, a refreshing change from managing 18 students in a class and being responsible for theirs.

I am learning some stuff I didn’t know, I am reinforcing what I already know and hopefully help people along the way with my experience in the production of creative products.

So its coming up to my first hand in and this is when I will discover whether or not I know as much as I think and can communicate it in a way that the examiners want it in. We will see after Christmas.


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