Wow! What a Week that Was

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Well as second weeks of the new year went it has been quite a week.

We have poor Australia burning as we speak, President Trump has exceeded all expectations and has actually done the unthinkable and finally Prince Harry has delivered a death like blow to the monarchy.

Now Donald the Orange has done what most people would love to do by assassinating a rather vile individual (my mother said I should not speak ill of the dead) without batting an eyelid. The repercussions will reverberate around the globe fo a  long time. I must admit that when I saw him at the press conference earlier the pressure on him is not wearing well on his shoulders.

The only victims that I can see at the moment other that the target are the poor innocent people on the flight that was just leaving when the missiles were flying around who unfortunately died when the plane crash landed. That is the obscenity of war, the fact that it always the innocent who get caught up in the conflict that suffer the most.

Now I can’t do anything about Australia burning but people who are far more wealthy than me have donated millions to help a very rare bread of human and that is the Australian Firefighter.

Now I do not care what nationality or gender these fire fighters are but they stand and fight the fires that are unbelievable in scale or ferocity. These guys have been at it now for weeks and despite the odd politician trying to make political traction out of their efforts they have not budged an inch.

Earlier this week I happened to mention on Twitter that Lewis Hamilton had donated half a Million Dollars to help them and I cannot believe the reaction I  received for mentioning it. This is a man put his hand in his pocket and donated a huge amount of money to help without any expectation of reward.

So to the haters who think that he has done it to get positive publicity and a tax rebate I have one thing to say to you. Instead of criticising him give him a nod of appreciation. He didn’t have to donate anything, he did it because he thought it would make a difference, so from a grumpy northern bloke who would if he could afford to, I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

Finally, I cannot believe the furore that Harry and Megan have caused because they have chosen a life outside of what they are expected to live. I could have understood it if had been someone who was about to become at the next monarch but he has as much chance of that happening as I have becoming the next President of the United States.

Now I know that the public thinks that we fund the Royal Family and to a certain extent we do but at the last reckoning they brought in about a Billion Pounds into the economy. So the odd five million or so for his security etc. is a trifling amount in the grand scheme of things. If that’s what they want to do then I wish them all the happiness in the world.

What I cannot forgive them for is accusing me and every other person in the United Kingdom of being racist towards Megan. This is an insult to me and everyone else in the country. I do not know Megan Merkel but I didn’t even know that she was a person of colour. If you see my granddaughter on a Friday night going out in her fake tan she looks very similar.

To me, as someone who takes great exception to being labelled a racist, I find the situation deplorable and after this obvious PR driven campaign to drive the couple’s popularity in America it is a shameful display of biting the hand that feeds you.

So all that remains to say is I hope the year improves on what the first few days have delivered on our doorstep. In the words of Lady Ann, Megan needs to man up and take her responsibilities seriously, she knew what she was getting into so she should deliver what is expected.

As a final comment it’s not very often I agree with Piers Morgan but I think he has hit the nail fairly and squarely on the head this week, now for me to say that it took some effort.

So finally I wish you all a healthy and prosperous new year, my prayers go out to the people of Australia who have lost everything especially those who have lost the most precious thing of all their family members, Lewis for being an all-round good guy and finally to Harry and Megan, I hope you find what you are looking for providing you don’t expect me to pay for it.


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