In the Blink of an Eye

Sorry for the lack of posts I would like to say recently but my last one was posted in January 2020, that is very tardy by any measure.

So what’s happened in between.

COVID happened and what a shock that was.

The first shut down was a breeze, long summer days spent walking the deserted moors with my grandson who came to stay to keep him safe from infection.

I still did my university work but the theory that I would be out from under Lady Ann’s feet a couple of days a week evaporated along with any other social interaction. 

Lectures were by Zoom but I soon got into the the swing of that (dressing smart from the waist up and wearing my pyjama bottoms out of shot).

The second shut down which started in November was a different proposition entirely. 

No sunny days to wallow around in, for the most part it was damp and miserable and lasted for what seemed like an eternity. In June 2021 things started to return to something like normal but people were still reluctant to go out into the world just in case they got infected.

Even though we were very careful we both got Covid but I am sure that because we had been vaccinated the symptoms although very unpleasant (like a very bad case of man flu) we recovered without any side effects.

So last year I successfully completed my degree BA in Graphic Design and graduated last year and a very nice day it was to. My family came with me to support me (a bribe of a free meal helped enormously with that). Whilst walking across the stage towards the Chancellor to receive my scroll all I could hear was the cheers from them and my fellow students which made me feel a little emotional if I am honest.

The chancellor asked me how many people had I brought to the ceremony, I answered three. He replied they are very noisy aren’t they. I agreed and said you should try living with them they are behaving today.

So here we are at the start of what is the best part of the year here on top of the world, It starts to become green again after the long winter that makes everything look very drab.

The other life changing event that happened in August last year we became great grandparents.

Saskia our grand daughter gave birth to Marley our great grandson and it immediately aged me by ten years. Lady Ann says its made us more active and she is loving every minute of it.

Saskia quite rightly pointed out that being is a great grandparent is an honour bestowed on very few people so man up and stop complaining.

She is made of strong stuff is my grand daughter. Last year she moved house, gave birth and has completed the third year of her Law degree. Any one of these on their own is enough to tip a normal person over the edge.

So as they say I’m back and hopefully I will do better, in my defence its hard blogging when you are locked down.


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